Western Digital’s Greenest Machine

I’ve been saving for a Velociraptor (a super-fast 300GB hard drive), but after seeing WD’s newest offerings, I’m starting to wonder …

The new Western Digital RE4-GP 2TB isn’t faster than the Velociraptor, but it outperforms the Caviar Green 2TB by about 20-30%. It’s got a 5 year warranty, as opposed to the Caviar’s 3 year warranty. And it’s quieter, consumes less power, has less vibration and is designed to take a beating (be moved around, subject to high heat, etc.). And it costs more (of course), but not much.

They say it’s an “enterprise” drive designed for large scale data centers, but who cares? If you want a super high capacity, high performing, quiet, low (almost non-existent) vibration, low power consuming, 1.2 million hours MTBF (mean time between failures) hard drive designed to take a beating, look no further.

As a side note, WD will soon release it’s Caviar Black 2TB drive. I wonder how it’ll compare to the RE4-GP?

Check out a detailed review of the RE4-GP here.


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