Redbox Tips

O.K. Everyone knows about redbox. Right? If you don’t, it’s a big red box in McDonalds, Albertsons and other locations in which you can rent movies for $1. One day, $1. If you keep the movie over 24 hours (and less than 48), it’ll cost $2 . . . and so on.

However, I’m assuming you all already know about redbox.

The most exasperating part about renting from redbox is waiting for the ultra-slow customers to browse through the pretty touch screen as they attempt to find a movie. I cringe listening to them. “I can’t find that one. I thought redbox had it. Maybe they have this other one . . .” Fifteen minutes later, when the line’s dwindled, I slide my card, take my movie and leave. Total time expired (for my transaction)? 30 seconds maybe. One minute tops.

Here’s the secret. Go to and sign up for an account. Relinquish your credit card information (it’s for the good of us all). Browse the selection. Enter your zip code. See which redbox has your movie. Reserve it. Drive there. Slide your card. Retrieve your movie. Leave.

However, for those of you who understand, you have one additional requirement. Tell the dorks in front of you that they can reserve their movie from home. Then they’ll know for sure the movie they want to rent will be there. They won’t have to keep everyone waiting. And the world will be a happier place.


5 responses to “Redbox Tips

  1. I’ve always wanted to say something to these crazy people in front of me. Maybe they don’t have internet. At least give them the benefit of the doubt. I just forgot to return a movie two days in a row. Nice that it’s only $1 extra dollar per day. I don’t feel so bad.

    • Well, I don’t usually give them the benefit of the doubt, but I don’t get irritated. I just educate them. Usually, they’re like, “Really? I’ll have to try that!”

  2. I like the speed of using Redbox, as well as the price. I try to hit it during slow traffic times (late nights, mornings).

    • I love redbox. It’s saved me lots of $$. I try to hit it during slow times, also. I’m hoping though, over time, that people will learn you can reserve movies online. That will make redbox even better.

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