SyncToy 2.0 (64 bit capable)

People may complain about Microsoft, but I thank them for being kind and giving me free software that works.

Not a lot of software supports 64 bit operating systems, so again, thank you Microsoft.

Keep in mind I’m not a Microsoft lover . . . but I’m not a hater either. So, here’s why I recommend SyncToy 2.0.

If you want a program that copies, moves, renames, or deletes files easily between folders, hard drives or computers, this is it. This program completely automates the backups of my very important photos, videos and documents. I can set it to synchronize, echo, or contribute. Synchronize means that updated files are transferred both ways (e.g., from drive C to drive D or vice versa). Echo means that updates only transfer one way (e.g., from drive C to drive D but not the other way). Contribute is much the same as echo, but deletions do not transfer (e.g., if you delete picture 1 on your drive C, it will not delete on drive D). This is obviously the safest method if you want to be sure never to delete transferred data.

You can also set this program up to run automatically through task scheduler.

Get it here.


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