Small PC Makers Support Windows 7

Even though the smaller players (Puget Systems, Cyberpower, Falcon Northwest, etc.) have to shell out $20 to $30 per system to offer free Windows 7 upgrades, they’re doing it. Why? Because they’re impressed with the OS. They believe in it. These companies need their systems to be stable. They won’t back software or hardware that might cause instability in their systems. And they’re all backing Windows 7.

I, for one, can’t wait to get my free upgrade from Puget. They were the first small computer maker (that I found) offering a free upgrade to Windows 7. That’s just one (of the many) reasons I decided to buy my custom system from them.

If the custom computer builders out there want Windows 7 on their machines, that gives me confidence that I’ll enjoy having it on mine.

Read more on this subject here.


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