Virtualdub – Free Video Capture / Processing Utility

Virtualdub works on 32 bit Windows systems, and I’m here to say it works flawlessly on my Vista 64 bit system as well. I’m upgrading to Windows 7 soon, and I don’t expect any difficulties.

It’s a free video capture / processing program. It won’t take the place of Adobe Premier, so don’t expect it to. But if you’re looking for a fast, free program that’s mainly geared toward processing AVI files, look no further.

Two extras I couldn’t live without:

  • x264vfw codec (encode your AVI files to h.264 format)
  • FadeFX plugin (download the vdf file to the Virtualdub plugin folder; excellent for fade effects

All my youtube videos have been prepared with this program. If you want to know how I use it, ask in the comments. My knowledge is fairly basic, but I can create subtitles (using Aegisub), add fade effects to my videos, play music in the background and perform various other not-too-technical operations.


2 responses to “Virtualdub – Free Video Capture / Processing Utility

  1. I might give this a try. I’ve been wondering how to make cool videos.

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