Intel SSD Prices Drop – Performance Improves

Great.  Now you can buy an even faster 160GB SSD for about $440 instead of the original $945.  And the 80GB version will run you about $225, compared to its opening price of $525.  That’s good news, I suppose, but for the average Joe, an SSD (Solid State Drive) still seems a bit nonsensical.  If you really want a super-fast drive, buy the 10,000 rpm 300GB Velociraptor (about the fastest traditional hard drive around) for about $200. Or if you want speed, capacity and energy savings, try the 1TB WD RE4-GP.

SSDs might be the wave of the future, but the future is, well, not here yet.  160GB for $440?  Sorry.  I don’t care how fast or quiet it is.

If capacity had increased on these drives, say, to 320GB, it might be a bit more interesting.

But if you’ve been on the lookout for price drops on solid state drives, your prayers have been answered.


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