Pandora – Free Internet Radio

Most of us already love and adore Pandora, but for those of you who don’t know, Pandora allows you to create your own radio stations (for free) and listen online.

Not too long ago, Pandora’s demise seemed certain. However, creating applications for mobile devices seems to have saved them (phew). One of the iPhone’s most popular applications is – you guessed it – Pandora. What about Pandora for Windows Mobile? Sure. Pandora for Blackberry? Of course. Now, reveling in their success, they currently have their sights set on Google’s Android operating system. When will it happen? Pandora’s Chief Technology Officer, Tom Conrad, has verified that Pandora for Android is currently under development, but hasn’t specified a release date.

If you haven’t tried Pandora yet, try it now. It not only allows you to listen to music you already love, but it helps you find new artists that match your musical tastes. Create as many stations as you want. Listen for free. Be thankful. And if you want ad-free music at 192kbps (the highest quality streaming audio on the Internet), Pandora One might be for you ($36 per year).


One response to “Pandora – Free Internet Radio

  1. Why r we always last ,no new update 4 flash ,no pandoras box 4 my g1.I’m just get ipone ,t-mobile fucking sucks big TImE.

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