Recover Lost or Deleted Files for Free – Recuva

Ouch.  You contracted a nasty virus and lost some important files.  So what?

You emptied your recycle bin and didn’t realize your only wedding video was in there.  So sorry.

You ran a copy of your super computer fixer and a bunch of your high priority files were permanently deleted.  Nice job!

Well, you’re in luck.  Welcome to the wonderful world of Recuva.  Sure, there are other file recovery programs out there, but this one’s simple and effective.  Oh, and did I mention it’s free?  Oh yes, it’s also portable (you don’t have to install it).  And it work superbly on 64-bit systems (as a 32-bit program).  So, to all the intelligent, generous people out there in Recuva-ville, “thank you” from all of us idiots who accidentally delete important files.

Get Recuva here (I recommend the zipped file – the portable version).


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