Windows 7 Will be Popular

Remember Microsoft 3.1?  I don’t.  And let’s not forget Bob (not really an operating system, but a beautiful software flop).  Windows 95 hit the scene and experienced massive success.  Cool.  Windows 98 enjoyed its time in the spotlight too.  But then, oh woe of woes, Windows ME arrived.  Oh, that sucked.  Yes, indeed.  After that?  XP.  The stability king.  Vista paraded onto the scene next.  Another flop.

Apparently Microsoft can’t handle too much success at once.  They have a need to throw a loser into the mix once in a while.  After being embarrassed, they figure out how to produce a winner.  Most people have branded Vista a major piece of trash, therefore I pronouce Windows 7 Microsoft’s upcoming beauty queen.


2 responses to “Windows 7 Will be Popular

  1. Well, if you’re right, I guess I’m in for a treat.

    • Yes, we’ll have to see. I’ll be putting the RC on my system here in a couple days. I’ll let you know how I like it.

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