Skype Can’t Die

Skype, as we know it, may soon cease to exist.

Joltid (a company run by Skype’s founders) claims Ebay (Skype’s parent company) violated unspecified contractual terms regarding Skype’s core code.  If Ebay loses in court, Skype may die.

Weird.  Ebay buys Skype, but fails to buy the core code that runs it?  I don’t get it.  Oh, Joltid’s leasing the code to Ebay.  And Ebay modified the code.  Bad Ebay!  Now Joltid has become very angry.  The horrid Ebay people have violated the contract by modifying the code.  Now Joltid must sue Ebay and claim a violation of contract and halt global communication.

Hm.  O.K.  Thanks, Joltid.

Some people say, “Skype is free.  Quit expecting something for nothing.”  I’d have to disagree.  Skype offers free services, but they also offer commercial services.

Will Skype die?  No.  Joltid’s just trying to recover a piece of the pie.  They may succeed, and we may see changes to Skype’s free services, but Skype will live on, in some form or another.


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