Adobe Flash – 64 Bit

I’ve been off the blogosphere for a while.  Sorry.  Like anyone cares.

But something’s been bugging me lately.  It’s like a splinter in my mind.  What is it?  It’s Adobe’s inexplicable inability to produce a version of Flash that works with a 64 bit browser.

64 bit operating systems and hardware have been around for years.  Technology’s supposed to be moving forward.  Shucks, even HP provides a 64 bit version of their drivers for my printer.  Adobe, did you know that Windows 7 is out?  Did you know that some computer companies (like Puget Systems) install 64-bit versions of Windows on their new computers?  You have to request something different if you don’t want it.  And why wouldn’t you want it?  It’s the 21st century!  We’ve been in a 32-bit environment long enough.  We can do thing better; we can do things faster. 

So we get our fancy new computer home, we fire up Internet Explorer (the 64-bit version of course; we’d fire up Firefox if we could but they’re behind the 8-ball too) and we try to watch a video on but nothing happens.  Why?  Because the defacto software for viewing animations on the Internet won’t move forward with the rest of the world.  Come on, Adobe.  Quit trying to cripple our Internet experience.



3 responses to “Adobe Flash – 64 Bit

  1. I completely agree with your assessment. Adobe has got to be sleeping if they’re unable to see that people want / need a 64-bit version of Flash for Windows!

  2. I’ve had a 64 bit operating system for 3 years.

  3. I’m not sure why Adobe wants to deal with all this abuse. Just give us 64 bit flash! It can’t be too hard. The other big name companies are doing it. Why can’t you?

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