How to Make a Free Professional Website Part 2

OK. I’ve finally finished my second video on how to make a completely free website. Oh, and I should probably mention that it will look professional. In other words, it will not look like something that an html know-nothing should be able to put together.

This website (the one you’re looking at) was made using the methods I describe in this video (and in my first video). I didn’t spend a dime on this site. And I didn’t need any html knowledge or coding skills to make it. As you can see, I don’t have my own domain name (see the “” in the url?) but that seems a small price to pay for a professional-caliber website.

The website you’ll see in the video was also made using this method. I also point out another website that I found that I thought was pretty entertaining that uses WordPress. And to further substantiate my claim that WordPress websites not only look professional, but are professional, I’ll note that CNN, Forbes, Reuters, The New York Times, Jay-Z, Katy Perry, GM, UPS, Sony (and many more) . . . all use WordPress for their websites. So you’ll not be alone in your endeavors.

I’ll quit rambling (in a second). I just have to say, one more time, that if you’re thinking you want a website, you should definitely check this method out. Why? Because it’s 100% free. There is no advertising. It will look like it was built by a professional (because all the themes are professionally built–go figure). Your friends and family will think you’re an amazing Internet specialist. You won’t have your own domain and customizations are limited. But if you want a completely free website, that looks (and is) amazingly professional, check this method out! (And don’t worry–if you want your own domain name and the ability to tweak everything on your site–there’s a way to do that too. It’s not free but it’s still pretty easy and pretty cheap. I’ll be covering that in a new video coming in the near future.)

Check out the video.


One response to “How to Make a Free Professional Website Part 2

  1. hello,i like your videos,i have use it to make a better website.thank you.i want to make a website with my own domain name so when r u updating that vedio

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