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How to Make a Free Professional Website

I’ve got this really cool video on youtube about how to make a free professional website. Did I mention that I’m showing you how to make a completely free website that looks really professional? And guess what? I use WordPress to make the very cool free website. WordPress is powerful and it’s not just for blogging, as you can see from this website right here (which is also a WordPress site). In the video I cover the basics: how to sign for a WordPress website, how to create links, how to add pages, etc. In my next video (coming soon) I’ll cover a few more advanced topics, like adding pictures, embedding videos, creating a contact form, etc. From there we’ll advance to how to create a WordPress website using your own domain name. The video will cover significantly advanced topics, e.g., setting up a database, FTP, tweaking themes and more. Keep in mind that using your own domain name means it won’t be free, and right now we’re focusing on how to create a completely free website.

Don’t forget to check out the video!


Buyer Beware …

I posted a new video on youtube explaining a couple steps I always take before buying a new computer.

I check out resellerratings.com and I check out bbb.org (Better Business Bureau). Both of these places reveal important information about the company. The information comes from actual customers. Nothing could be more relevant.

By investigating companies a bit before you buy from them, you can avoid an unpleasant buying (and owning) experience.

Check out the video (best viewed in HD – full screen).

Also check out my page on the top 5 things to look for when buying a new computer.